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TITLE: Biomass Estimation of Hormozgan Demersal Resources Based on Swept­ Area Method
Project Researcher: Reza Dehghani
Collaborator: Easa Kamali ), Syamak Behzadi , Mohammad Darvishi , Mohsen Safaee), Ali Salarpoor , Kayvan Ejlali and Daryoosh Karimi
DATA of publishing: Spring 2006,Abstract

TITLE: Hydrology and Hydrobiological Monitoring in the Northeastern part of the
Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormoz (Hormozgan Province Water
Project Researcher: Mahmod Ebrahimi
Collaborator: L. Mohebbi Nozar, F. Saraji,F. Eslami, M. Salimizadeh, K.Ejlali, N. Aghajery
DATA of publishing : 2006, ,Abastract
TITLE :Survey of production per area of Fenneropenaeus( Penaeus )merguiensis and F. indicus in Hormozgan province
Project Researcher: Esmaeil tazikeh,
Collaborator:: Gh. Zarshenass ; H. Fourooghi-e-Fard ; B. Gharavi; H. Karimi
Data of publishing: 2006,Abstarct

TITLE: Evaluation of shrimp farms and hatchery sites in Hormozgan
Project Researcher: Hojatolla fourooghi- e- fard
Collaborator:: M.R. Hassan nia; S. Masandani; B. Gharavi; E. Tazikeh ; Gh. Zarshenass ; sh. Aghagery ,
DATA of publishing: 2006, Abstract
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